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Put Doons

Guest bertiemasson

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Guest bertiemasson

My mate sent me these 'Scottish' put doons some canny ones like - any more?  :iamatwat:


Shes got a face like a dug lickin pish aff a nettle.

It looks like shes been set on fire n put out wae a golf shoe!

Shes got a f=nny like a burds cage - bet its seen a Cockatoo!

Shes got a face that would make an onion cry.

F=nny like a ripped out fireplace.I wouldnt ride her into battle.

F=nny like a badly wrapped kebab.

Looks like shes been dookin for apples in a chip pan.

Shes seen more japseyes than an oriental optician.

She smells like an alkies carpet.



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Guest elbee909

"You could raise more money by sitting outside a tube station with a hat on the ground, even if you were twice as ugly as you are, which is very ugly indeed"

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