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Good deed for the day


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Was in town this afternoon and on my way back to the car when I saw a mobile lying in the car park.  I thought I'd be a good samaritan and return it to its rightful owner.  I had a look through the contact list and tried to ring 'Home' but got a message saying there was no call credit.  Undeterred I rang the number from my own phone and a rather dopey sounding woman answered.


Me: Hello, Ive just found this phone in town so was giving you a call to let you know I had it.

Dopey cow (in a not bothered tone): Oh right, it must be my daughters's she's just been out in town.

Me: OK. Well I've got it here so what do you want to me to do with it?

Dopey cow: Errr, dunno.

Me: Well where do you live and I 'll drop it down to you.


She lived 5 miles away but it was a nice afternoon so I thought I'd had a drive out and drop the phone off.  Her poor little daughter was probably in tears anyway.  Pulled up outside the house which looked like something in Kabul city centre and her and her daughter (about 7 or 8 years old) were stood at the door.  I got out of the car and handed them the phone feeling all chivalrous and that.  Didn't even have time to speak when she nabbed the phone and walked back in the house without saying a word.  :angry:


Wonder if the kid turns out to be as ignorant as her.  They blatantly didn't have much money but manners cost nowt and it must have cost me a fiver in petrol to get there and back.


Just gonna steal things if I see them lying around now.

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