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hello  :)


if you open the playlist in winamp, you can generate a html playlist (it will open in a webpage) and then you can print it out from there.


in the playlist window click misc > misc > generate html playlist.


The new window will open in your browser and then you can print it and it will be formatted.


*the mp3 files need to be tagged for it to work properly.

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Thanks Toon Amy   :winking:


I think it's still likely to be about 185 pages long. What she wants is for me to give her the list, then she'll pick which tracks she wants putting onto her ipod. She doesn't get much chance to be on this pc as am hardly ever in because of the rota I work.


The list is about 550kb in size, so might stick 'em on a floppy and she can see them on her mam's pc.


Thanks again,


Terry  bluewink.gif

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