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Weird DVD/Sound problem


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Ok, here is the score:


Tried watching a DVD with my PC with headphones on as others in house were sleeping.


Things such as the movie score seemed much louder. However, voices and helicopter sounds almost non-existent.


Tried changing from windows media center to windows media player, no change.


Tried removing the headphones, all now working as normal.


Tried different headphones, same sound loss.


Tried watching a youtube vido with headphones, all working fine.


Tried a different DVD, same problem.


Tried using XBOX360 instead, using headphones. all worked.



What the hell has gone wrong, before I have been able to watch DVD's with headphones no problem.

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It'll be because it's expecting a 5.1 setup, it's probably just sending one of those to your headphones (a 5.1 system has 3 cables going to a soundcard). It might be the rear speakers. You can change somewhere in the WMP settings or possibly the sound card settings in the system tray (bottom right by the clock) to headphones.


The youtube videos aren't affected because they're just stereo.

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