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The 'official' Thread thread (does not contain spoilers)

Guest lankybellwipe

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Guest lankybellwipe

I've just been hoovering (Mike, see vacuming) my sitting room, with my hoover! (Mike, see vacum cleaner)


Why in the name of Rigsbys' cat, does my hoover (Mike, see vacum cleaner) refuse to pick up thread?




tab ends


child dirt

hair clumps


Not a prob, but it won't take fackin thread!  :rant:


Are these magic bits of thread, did my carpet get this thread off the same guy who sold Jack his beanstalk beans?


Do YOU have any thread related ailments?  Are you suffering a thread issue?  If yes, then call my thread task force on 555-5555  O0

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And why does a hoover pick up the things you dont want it to? Screws, money.

It even cost me money as it ripped my phones power adapter out of the plug while plugged in, whats with that shit?

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Guest lankybellwipe

Give Mike a break lanky... jeez :)


Mike and I have a bond! A connection if you will!  We are a double act, like Laurel and Hardy! Laurel hailed from North Shields, and Hardy hailed from.... er somewhere in Yankville!


So I'll be Stan, Mike can be Oliver (are you a fat man with a Hitler tash Mike) and we can continue to provide humourous banter and have a good laugh without fear or predjudice from non-believers in Anglo-American complete bullshit talk!


Please remember the 'Barney' Song!


'I love Mike, Mike loves me!"

"We are happy as can be!"

"With a nick nack paddy whack, give the dog a bone.....


God thats racist! Whack a paddy!  :kasper:


Shak, get on the phone to interpol, someone's takin the piss here!

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