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Heavy Rain


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Expected: Q1 2009


From the team behind Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy





Details about the story and gameplay of Heavy Rain itself remain scarce. It is known that the game is not a sequel to Fahrenheit, but a completely new game, with new story and new characters.[5] Director David Cage noted that Heavy Rain "will be a very dark film noir thriller with mature themes", without any supernatural elements.[5] The game will feature a story that is interactively "bendable", similarly to Fahrenheit.[5] It's been told by the creators, that "the character control mechanism is an essential part in playing Heavy Rain", and is different from the system used in Fahrenheit. The player will be able to control different characters in the game.[5]. In a recent interview given by Quantic Dream co-CEO and executive producer Guillaume de Fondaumière to www.gamedaily.com, characters will be true virtual actors capable of showing highly realistic emotions.
(emphasis mine)


Looks like the crew behind Fahrenheit is having another go at it, this time without the absolute bullshit they threw in the second half of that game. That alone piques my interest.


Tech demo (no gameplay footage, but decent watch):


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...will be a very dark film noir thriller with mature themes", without any supernatural elements.


Oh dear, well I'm in. Will have to keep on this one.

Aye, nice to hear that they learned their lesson from Fahrenheit. The first couple of hours of that was absolutely brilliant.

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Can't believe I'll never play this.


Should just swap consoles for a few months, huh? Then you can play this and I can play Alan Wake!


There are 4 main characters who each have their own story.



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Just played the demo..


Graphics are decent and I quite like the way it works, but it was a bit boring.. spent my time yawning around the crime scene although I enjoyed the motel section.. shame you can't run either as I think it'll get frustrating slowly trudging everywhere.


Hopefully the full game will make you work stuff out for yourself, if it's a lot more puzzle based in the full game then I'll be getting it on release.

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