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Degrees of musical separation


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Here is a game:


I am going to name two artists/groups, and people need to link them to each other using as few moves as possible.


A move is either naming a song performed by two artists, or an artist/band member performing with someone else.


For example:


The Beatles and Girls Aloud


The Beatles

Paul McCartney (band member)

Michael Jackson (The Girl Is Mine)

Will.i.am (Various Thriller 25 collaborations)

Cheryl Cole (Heartbreaker)

Girls Aloud

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First up: Guns n' Roses and Lulu.


Guns n' Roses replaced Slash with

Robin Finck, who is also in a band called

Nine Inch Nails, with a bloke named

Trent Reznor, who collaborated on a song called 'I'm Afraid of Americans' with

David Bowie, who had a song called 'The Man Who Sold the World' which was covered by






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