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Anyone done it?


I'm thinking of giving it a shot, both on the CPU and the heatsink.


Got a spare heatsink i can practise on 1st, then i'll give it a bash on my new CPU fan and then the CPU.


400, 800 wet and dry grain, is there any need to go higher, i here mirror finishes are nice but ar pretty much pointless.



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I must admit, i'd never heard of this until you bought it up. Now i've read a little bit about it i'm even more determined not to try it.


I know the surfaces are uneven, i've seen this on a shadowgraph but isn't this the purpose of thermal paste ?


I'll tell you my biggest problem with it in theory: You have a block of aluminium wedged against your processor, how do you know that the block is perfectly flat ? Yes it's flat but only to a tolerance set by the manufacturer upon milling, no amount of polishing will make it perfectly flat.


I would see this process in the end chain after better heatsink, more fans,water cooling etc.


If you say a mirror finish does not give any benefit i would argue that rubbing your processor/heatsink down gives little benefit either,it will just be as uneven by the hand polishing, i stand to be corrected though.


I've hand polished titanium bolts that needed to be better than <.4 Ra to go inside a human body, to stop white cells sticking to them. Hardly a comparison like but still.If you're running hot there's probably a better and less dodgy answer imo.


Btw i've started playing nwn2 again, had a server up the other night just in story mode and had 4 other people playing, all diff classes. Was quite enjoyable.

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