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Microsoft have just released the creation application for their new photo software. It basically takes your photos and turns them into a 3d view of what it's a photo of. It's more than just panarama software, you can move forwards and backwards between different views and it lets you take photos around an object and most impressively just see it as a 3d model.



You need to download a little piece of software that comes with a firefox/ie plug-in to view them. You also need to take a hell of a lot of photos from different angles to make one - I used around 60 for mine.


I went to Tynemouth today and thought I'd do one of the priory and cliff from King Edward's bay, here it is:




Hold control or press your 'P' key a few times to turn the photos off and just look at the point cloud. Bloody impressive, it has some astounding potential for so many uses.

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Very impressive, can see how that will take off in so many ways. Not least the future immersive reality gaming software.


But online repositeries of images from places like Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House, and just wandering around them from your PC via something like Google Maps/photos/3d-tour will be one of the first common uses possibly.

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