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Question about Paypal please


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its not for me, its for a mate, because I have mine set up differently.


Basically, him and his missus have just bought their first computer/laptop, and they have set up a paypal account.


She has bought something which has arrived, and has paid by paypal but has been asked to pay the money now ?


They have registered a credit card. I've told him they should have the money so don't do anything for now, and they should also have an email from paypal saying the payment has been made.


What I do is put money directly into paypal from a bank account and it is just sitting in there to make instant payments, so I'm not sure what to tell him to do.



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Dunno what's happened there like. Surely if she's received the item then the seller must have received the payment?


thats what I told him.


They are both new to all this which doesn't help, I'm trying to find out whats going on.


Thanks to you and nixon for the replies mate.



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Get them to check "Paypal History" on their account page too. Recent transactions I believe its titled.


cheers mate, I've told him to do that and waiting for him to get back to me



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