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Ice skating in London


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Well cheers to kingkerouac and erm.... Cheers kingkerouac :D


Whats wrong with ice skating btw? Thought it was a decent way to spend a few hours with the little lady. I wasn't planning on wearing sparkly tights and a sequened (sp?) vest or anything :lol:

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I love ice-skating actually. Think I'll drag midds along when the Centre for Life one opens towards Christmas.


Far too dangerous for a woman in your condition.  :coolsmiley:


Balls. You think that leaving the house is dangerous for a woman in my condition! ;)

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Guest kingdawson

how about the aptly named:


Queens Ice Rink

17 Queensway, Bayswater,  London, W2 4QP


Yep that's the one i used to go too (cant ice skate for shit). There's also an arcade, bowling and a bar there, so you'll be sorted.  Walk a few metres and there's whitleys their too, which has everything.


Damn i miss living near there.

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