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Compliments Of the season my chums... *Updated*

Guest Heneage

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...is the Email I got from an African Scammer, asking if I wanted to partake in a 15m business deal, ( I could invest that in the club ;)


So I thought id have some fun and see where it got.


I sent the following back to "Mr shake".





I am providing compliments of the season in responses to your e-mail regarding the monies.


I must first clarify certain things before we may continue with this business arrangement, as I am sure you are aware to the scams available on the internet.


What currency is the monies in ?


Roughly what time will it take from beginning the negotation of business for the monies to make my account.


Thank you sir I await your response please address to;



Professor, Sheik Ratel-Unrol.

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If a mod could put "Updated" in the title i'd appreciate it.


He replied last night saying that I needed to fill in the form attached and remove his details and that the deal must be kept secret as this is a "Special Deal". Having tried to con me I thought sod it we'll have subtle fun with the boy to see how switched on and dirty this fella is.


I replied with....



Hello Shake.


My apologies for the lateness of my correspondence but kind wishes on a rainbow of love to you my friend and new business partner who i have never met or heard of.


I have a day off from my surgery tomorrow stitching extra arms onto monkeys, so I will make the postal then my friend. I am hoping this is ok. I have removed your details as requested, and I will e-mail you tomorrow evening upon the completion of this deal, I await gratefully the transferal of the new monies and if possible I would like to buy you a special gift with the monies.


Dr Shake Ratel-Unrol.


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He replied so  I sent him one that was as subtle as an Abomb.


Fantastic news my new friend. The transaction went through today without a single problem! I am sending the love of anus to you my friend for this brilliant oppourtunity, the one thing I must tell you is. I could not do transaction myself so I involved my business Partner Dr Hugh, as I trust him many times and he also has his own House of the Doctor. I am hoping ok is this for the monies.


His information of the bank is this;


Name Hugh Kunt PHD

Account name; Amno Stewpeed Surgery

Account Number 10854747

Sort Code 17-22-28


One thing my new chum of bum I was wondering, would it be possible for me to fly you over to meet you and share a drink to celebrate my new funds. I will pay first class flight and put you up in my home. Thank you sir, with this monies I will be able to buy many monkey for extra arm.


Kind Regards Dr Sheak Ratel-Unrol.

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