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The 'GOLF' thread

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I'd guess the plan going in was Rahm, Rory and Hovland would play all 5, Casey and Sergio would play 4 and everyone else would play 3.


Rory being so bad yesterday and needing to be sat meant someone had to go 3...


I can see the logic in that plan, 5 rounds for guys in their 40s is a tough ask. Sergio is 3-1 in RC singles when he's had at least one session off, 1-3-1 when he's played all 5 games... possibly coincidental but it's a brutal walk to do 36 holes on two days in a row... I'd have left the Spaniards together four sessions but I can see what he was thinking.


Does seem daft that if that's your adjustment anyone other than Fleetwood getting the extra game, though. So many of our team just aren't good enough ball strikers for the course and Tommy definitely isn't one of them. Hit some great shots yesterday, I'd have sent him out twice today instead of Hatton.


I don't think there was a path to victory this week. Too bad a mismatch. I do think Harrington has done a few questionable things though.


By all accounts it was decided beforehand everyone would play at least once a day. Given how weak we are at the bottom of the order, I'm not sure that was a great idea.


Possibly his biggest mistake was not accepting more captain's picks once Covid happened and it was obvious things would be a bit wackier. Wouldn't have made a huge difference but at least Rose would have been there.

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38 minutes ago, Unbelievable said:

This RC is turning into a freaking disaster for McIlroy. What the hell has happened to him. He looked like the best player in the world not that long ago.

Not that long ago?


Are you talking 8 years as here's never looked like it since 2014?

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40 minutes ago, Unbelievable said:

Didn’t he rank number one for a stretch of 2019-2020?


The pandemic hit at an incredibly bad time for him.


He'd finished top 5 in all seven of his starts in 2020 and was just playing great stuff.


Hasn't been at the races since.

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