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PS2 Online (help)

Guest makemeacupoftea

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If you still want to know, I'll sum up in short.


1. Get ethernet cable

2. Plug ethernet cable into PS2 (as long as you have a slimline PS2, otherwise you need to buy the adapter) and other end into router. If you have no router, plug other end into back of PC, but this will meant you can't use your PC on the net at the same time.

3. Set up by going online on a game and look for the instruction - it's usually square and it tells you which option to pick in 80% of the prompts.

4. Play online and enjoy a world filled with tossers who either cheat or accuse you of cheating.

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Guest Saint Andy

you can buy a network adapter for the normal size ps2 (www.play.com) which will let you connect the ps2 to the internet via a broadband router etc.



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