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Terrorist Chides freedom fighters

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Bush chides Syria and Iran at UN 


George W Bush has used his final speech to the United Nations as US president to accuse Iran and Syria of continuing to sponsor terrorism.


Mr Bush said the two countries were growing more isolated and urged the UN to enforce sanctions on North Korea and Iran over their nuclear programmes.


He also said the US was taking decisive steps over the global financial crisis.


Correspondents say the annual meeting will be dominated by recent turbulent events in the world economy.


Mr Bush said terrorism was one of the greatest threats the UN had ever faced.


"The ideals of the [uN] Charter are now facing a challenge as serious as any since the UN's founding - a global movement of violent extremists," he said.


Referring to the current global economic crisis, Mr Bush assured world leaders that the US was acting decisively to contain the situation.


He said he was confident that his plan to buy up the bad debt blocking the flow of credit would be passed by Congress "in the urgent timeframe required".


The US president also used his speech to criticise Russia's recent military action in Georgia, saying it was a violation of the UN charter.


"We must stand united in our support of the people of Georgia," he said.


"The United Nations charter sets forth the equal rights of nations large and small. Russia's invasion of Georgia was a violation of those words."


Mr Bush addressed the meeting shortly after UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned that the economic crisis endangered efforts to reduce world poverty.


He said the financial turmoil put at risk the achievement of the UN-agreed Millennium Development Goals set in 2000 to halve global poverty by 2015.


He also said the crisis demanded a new approach with less "uncritical faith in the 'magic' of markets".


"The global financial crisis endangers all our work - financing for development, social spending in rich nations and poor, the Millennium Development Goals," he told world leaders.


There is an unusual air of anxiety at the UN this year, the BBC's Bridget Kendall reports.


Leaders have been hastily rearranging meetings so that they can focus on the financial crisis.


African leaders are concerned that the crisis means less funding for fighting poverty.


Friction between Russia and the West, mounting violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and concerns over nuclear work in North Korea have all added to a sense of crisis, our correspondent says.





The fucking nerve of the US.  Them bastards have vetoed, abstained and went against more votes towards global democracy than any other country in the last decade or two.  Twats don't even pay their dues either.

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