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Newcastle-Online "King of Cool" Championship: Challenge - King madras vs wormy


Who is coolest?  

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  1. 1. Who is coolest?

    • King madras
    • wormy

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Who is the coolest member of the forum?


To find out, 32 entrants will face off in head to head elimination rounds, settled by poll until we can crown the ultimate King/Queen.


The round one entrants are:


Andy (lost to indi 10-13)

Catmag (lost to Midds 14-15)

Chez Given (Beat Keefaz 13-12)

Dave (Beat SpinS 14-10)

Decky (Lost 1-9 to Tooj)

GM (lost to MiguelJon 7-15)

Happy Face (Lost to Quagmire 11-13)

HTT (Beat James 16-15)

indi (Beat Andy 13-10)

James (Lost to HTT 15-16)

Jamie (Beat Kev 20-4)

Keefaz (Lost to Chez 12-13)

Kev (Lost to Jamie 4-20)

LBW (Lost to Mike 13-21)

Liam Liam Liam O (Beat Rich 25-15)

Madras (Beat Parky 18-14)

Mick (Beat NE5 18-14)

Midds (Beat catmag 15-14)

MiguelJon (Beat GM 15-7)

Mike (Beat LBW 21-13)

NE5 (Lost to Mick 14-18)

Parky (Lost to madras 14-18)

Quagmire (Beat happy Face 13-11)

Rich (Lost to Liam Liam Liam O 15 - 25)

Role Model (Lost to Toon's Taylor 18-19)

Shak (Beat Wullie 15-13)

SpinS (Lost to Dave 10-14)

Tooj (Beat Decky 9-1)

Toon's Taylor (Beat Role Model 19-18)

Towelie (Beat Yorkie-Geordie 17-13)

Wullie (Lost to Shak 13-15)

Yorkie-Geordie (Lost to Towelie 13-17)


Round One Game One will start in a minute once I've performed the draw.


PS apologies if you've been lef out, I'd probably have you there if I'd remembered.


Round Two


Group A

Mike - 20 votes

Tooj - 10 votes

Liam Liam Liam O -  13 votes

Jamie - 3 votes


Group B

Dave - 18 votes

Toon's Taylor - 6 votes

HTT - 4 votes

Towelie - 13 votes


Group C

Chez Given - 9 votes

Shak - 4 votes

Quagmire - 9 votes

Madras - 15 votes


Group D

indi - 4 votes

MiguelJon - 8 votes

Midds - 12 votes

Mick - 7 votes


Round Three



Mike (Lost 12-13 to LLLO)

Dave (Beat Towelie 16-12)

Madras (Beat Chez Given 18-17)

Midds (Beat MiguelJon 21-12)



Liam Liam Liam O (Beat Mike 13-12)

Towelie (Lost 12-16 to Dave)

Chez Given (Lost 17-18 to Madras)

MiguelJon (lost 21-12 to Midds)




1. catmag

2. tooj

3. Jay Jay Sea

4. Rich


Quarter Final

Liam Liam Liam O (Lost 17-22 to catmag)

Dave (Beat Tooj 27-26)

madras (Beat Jay Jay Sea 23-16)

Midds (Beat Rich 29-11)

catmag (Beat LLLO 22-17)

Tooj (Lost 26-27 to Dave)

Jay Jay Sea (lost 16-23 to madras)

Rich (Lost 11-29 to Midds)


Semi Final


catmag 22 - 27 Dave

madras 25 - 16 Midds




Dave 24 - 34 madras



The Challenges


King madras vs wormy

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First primary school, then secondary school, college and now this forum i've been an outcast, might as well just end it all, what is there to live for. :undecided:


If it is any consolation, you made the list that I trimmed when I had a couple too many :(

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