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Feeder (academy)


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Guest Heneage

Aye even the albums went a bit Comfort in Sound was it the white album? That was too much of a tribute to hima nd you could tell it had affected them, was lucky enough to see them pre- the death of Mr Lee.

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I'm still a massive fan of Feeder, despite their change since Comfort in Sound.


I (probably like most) didn't particularly like the change between Echo Park and Comfort in Sound (although its understandable), but I must admit the Comfort in Sound album has become one of my all time favourite albums. I tend to stick it on when I'm in a fairly chilled mood. I also think Summers Gone is brilliant, I think Nicholas must have written it at the height of his emotion/depression.


Pushing the Senses could have been made instantly better just by sticking Shatter on it, and probably Victoria or Bruised. I didnt like the 2 slow songs in a row to end the album.


Silent Cry is pretty good, fairly solid all the way through and definitely has a more rock feel to it, though I don't think many songs are single material.


Listening to Echo Park in my car at present as it goes.

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