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Got another one now, warikhunt.


Total Time Spent Online: 4 days, 18 hours and 28 minutes.

Total Posts: 0 posts

Total Topics Started: 0 topics

Number of Polls Created: 0 polls

Number of Votes Cast: 14 votes


EDIT: Now he/she's gone.

Still got Clapton, stalking since 2006, got 4 posts.

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Lurker Top Trumps :smug:


I never really understood why people choose to lurk. Is it just extreme shyness?


If people are too shy to post on an internet forum then I really, really worry for them in life.

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I think they are jounalists looking for stories.

on general chat :idiot2:


wormy is actually a 20yr old lady,blonde,bueatiful and looking for a stocky :blush: mature man of dubious sanity to fulfill her sexually charged dreams.

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