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Dead Rising 2


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Is supposedly on its way.





A source close to Canadian developer Blue Castle Games has told Eurogamer that the studio is making a sequel to Dead Rising.


Rumours that the Vancouver-based outfit was working on the zombie project first emerged last year, but neither the developer nor publisher Capcom has confirmed anything on the record. But while Eurogamer was on a secret mission in Vancouver last week, we were told by a source familiar with the project that Capcom has indeed farmed out development to the Western team.


The source said: "Everyone's really excited; the team has obviously seen the rumours and it's been hard to keep quiet, but they can't wait to show off the game."


Unfortunately, they wouldn't give us any details on the title or when we're likely to see it. Boo.


Blue Castle has so far released two baseball titles with 2K Games, including The Bigs, and announced MLB Front Office Manager earlier this month.


The company describes itself on its website as "a full-service, multi-project and multi-platform 3rd party developer located in Vancouver, Canada", where: "We are well underway on three new projects - an unannounced Action title and two Sports titles one of which was just announced."


Our source confirmed that the action title is a sequel to the deliciously enjoyable zombie romp, which released on 360 in 2006. The studio is currently hiring for its action project, with one job listing stating: "It's getting around - there is something amazing being built here at Blue Castle behind locked doors."


A spokesperson for Capcom Europe refused to comment on the matter.


Cool beans!

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The first trailer has apparently leaked.






A supposed shakycam video of Dead Rising 2 has just surfaced on YouTube, and sources close to Capcom have promised us it’s the real thing.


We contacted Capcom to be told by a rep that he had personally not seen this video, but as far as Dead Rising 2 goes, nothing has “officially” been confirmed nor released at this time.



Dead Rising was one of those games that came out before I had a 360 so I never got round to playing the original, but I'll keep my eye out for the sequel.

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Saw this coming, of course. Looks stunning.


The inevitable confirmation -http://kotaku.com/5149650/dead-rising-2-its-real-and-its-spectacular


We were pretty sure that Dead Rising 2 video was real on Friday, now we're positive with Capcom officially announcing the game coming to PC, PS3 and 360.


Capcom says that Dead Rising 2 will take the franchise to a "new level of zombie-killing fun with tens of thousands of zombies" and a chance to kill them in fun ways in the gambling paradise of Fortune City.


Dead Rising 2 is set several years after the zombie invasion of Willamette, Colorado. Unfortunately, Capcom tells us, that zombie virus was not contained at the end of the first game and spread unchecked throughout the U.S. Dead Rising 2 depicts a country where zombie outbreaks continue to strike.


As we had heard long ago, Dead Rising 2 is being developed in partnership with Canadian developer Blue Castle Games as well as a number of members from the original Dead Rising team, including Keiji Inafune, who as the game's Producer will play an active role in the project.


The announcement promises that further details concerning the story and gameplay of Dead Rising 2 will be made available shortly.









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Arena based, basically like Running Man with zombies.


Huge gamble and imo one that won't pay off...not that i was a huge fan of the 1st, it looks like its taken all the pointless shite and made an even worse game for me.

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Dead Rising 2 date, 360 gets prologue Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 News by Tom Bramwell Today 21:36Capcom has said at X10 that Dead Rising 2 will be released in Europe on 3rd September, presumably for PS3 and Xbox 360 despite the Microsoft venue for the announcement. However, Xbox 360 owners will get an "exclusive taste of the action" thanks to Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, a prologue that links the first game to the sequel, which sounds a lot like a fancy demo to us. It will be "standalone and entirely consist of unique content that will not be in Dead Rising 2", according to the publisher.


Wasn't aware of the PS3 release, good stuff.

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DLC prologue is out, costs 400 points. Downloading the trial and might splash out for it if it's decent, don't think anything other than Left4Dead 2 can ease my zombie cravings now though.

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