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Paul Ross - Career, or hobby?

Guest lankybellwipe

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Guest lankybellwipe




How do you compare this man, with his brother?


If I were to be asked, Jonathan has made himself A list in tv and radio (we all know what he's done in his career, so I won't blather on ) though his latest shananigans with drain pipes boy have tarnished an otherwise fabulous career!


Now the bloke giving the thumbs ? ? ?


The only stuff I've seen this man do, is sit on GMTV talking about the latest cinema attractions for five minutes (Help me brother, please) Sit on a stool and make sparse commentaries on 'The 100 greatest shat tv shows', or presenting utterly shite quiz shows on Challenge, has this man no feeling of self worth?  He is an embarrasment to the Ross family, and to his street, and his kids, and their mates. I hope their mam takes them to school!


Jonathan really should sit wannabe boy down for a chat, and advise him he really should hang up his little black book, and stop nagging tv executives for more 'bit part' work!

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