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Viduka Back in Training (Back in a few weeks....)


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From .cock

NEWCASTLE United striker Mark Viduka has made a return to training following his Achilles lay-off.


The Aussie ace has not played since the end of last season but was back in action at the club's Benton-based headquarters on Friday and could figure within the next few weeks.


Magpie boss Joe Kinnear told nufcTV: "Mark is back in training today (Friday) which is good news.


"He could be a very important player if he gets back to full fitness.

Article continues>>


"Hopefully we'll see him within the next few weeks."


And official club photographer Ian Horrocks was there to capture the big Aussie in action ...


i wonder

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Meh. A great shame Viduka, really. I was well psyched when we signed him because he's quality.


But he's like Dyer, Emre, Luque, Owen in the respect that we can constantly say "if this, if that..." when it's never gonna really work out.


Even when he's back he's not gonna be a permanent fixture in the side, be it through form or (more likely) more injuries.

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would u put him ahead of shola, not at the moment tbh


No, but i wouldn't put Owen in ahead of Shola at the moment either. He's playing well and scoring goals. If Owen comes on and plays brilliantly against Wigan, notching atleast one, then i'd consider it. You pick your team on merit...

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I don't give a toss tbh.


The fat bastard's class when he's fit, I'd say. Would have him over Shola anyday of the week.


Yes he's class, but he misses virtually the entire season so what's the point? For us I mean...obviously for him it's great, he gets paid to watch Crocodile Dundee at home.

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