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Deal of the Day - Band of Brothers Box Set - £9.99 (+ Free Delivery)


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Might as well.


A tenner? fuking hell, that's great.


Someones xmas present.




That was a quick impulse buy if ever i saw one.


Forgot all about it until i just received an email from play.com saying its posted.


Now who to give it too for an xmas prezzie? Has to be me dad really.

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Guest timmy boy

I have watched this through about five times since it came out, one of if not my favourite series of all time. It is cheesy and typically makes out that the Yanks did all the work in the war themselves but it makes for excellent viewing. Bastogne and Why We Fight are my favourite episodes. Also I think it's in the last one where the German Officer is giving his troops a speech and the Yank is translating it into English is brilliant.


Next year The Pacific comes out from the creators of this which is a 10 part series of the American battle with the Japanese, which is something to look forward to next year. 

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