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Strictly Come Dancing


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Guest lankybellwipe

I like how Wullie is the bitch. :lol: :lol: :lol:




Excellent! Whaaaaaaa ha ha ha and that!


My throat's broke!



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I've got a cracking pair of chebs like.


2J would have had them if the one I tried first had worked, I changed them around and tried again and it created it.


Mick if you wanted me in a dress all you had to do was ask.

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Strictly Come Dancing... in wheelchairs


Fri Mar 13 11:19AM by TV Editor


The BBC is to launch a new spin-off of Strictly Come Dancing featuring contestants in wheelchairs.


The show will see disabled competitors paired with able-bodied partners as they perform dances such as the Foxtrot and Waltz, reports The Sun.


Wheelchair DanceSport is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and there are already an estimated 5,000 dancers who take part in the activity.


Sue Cummings, who works as a coach for dancers in the UK, told the paper: "This is a brilliant idea. The only dance we don't do is the Can Can because we Can't Can't - but only because I haven't yet worked out how you do the splits in a wheelchair!"

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