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sky,surround sound and ps3


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want to connect all of these up to give me shit hot surround sound.


my tv has 2 scarts, 1 hdmi, component conections, 1 video in, 1 audio out and 1 audio in.


sky has vcr scart, tv scart and audio out


ps3  you all know anyway hdmi and optical.


surround sound has video out, audio out, optical in, hdmi out, component  and scart.


any ideas what would get the best out of what i have? thanks guys.

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well what i was thinking was to scart the sky to the tv, and connect the sky audio out to the dvd audio in.


hdmi the ps3 and the tv, then optical link to the dvd.


and video out the dvd to the tv's video in.


then leave the wii component connected to the tv.


what u think



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