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Rise of the machines

Guest Invicta_Toon

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Guest Invicta_Toon

I'm off to this at 4 today:




Professor Owen Holland, Professor of Robotics, University of Essex

(Demonstrator 1970)


Could we build a conscious robot?


In the last few years a new discipline has begun to emerge: machine

consciousness. This talk will describe the background to this movement, and

will present a line of thought showing how the problem of constructing a

truly autonomous robot may also constitute an approach to building a

conscious machine. The basis of the theory is that an intelligent robot will

need to simulate both itself and its environment in order to make good

decisions about actions, and that the nature and operation of the internal

self model may well support some consciousness-related phenomena.


We are currently developing a robot that we hope will one day possess and

use a self-model similar to our own. We believe that this requires a robot

that does not merely fit within a human envelope, but one that is

anthropomimetic - with a skeleton, muscles, tendons, eyeballs, etc. - a

robot that will have to control itself using motor programs qualitatively

similar to those of humans. The early indications are that such robots are

very different from conventional humanoids; the many degrees of freedom and

the presence of active and passive elasticity do provide strikingly lifelike

movement, but the control problems may not be tractable using conventional

robotic methods.


The project is limited to the construction and study of a single robot, and

there are no plans for the robot to have any encounters with others of its

kind, or with humans. Without any social dimension to its existence, and

without language, could such a robot ever achieve a consciousness

intelligible to us?





I am disturbed by the ommision of surely the most pressing question:


what happens if your concious robot develops 'man-bag' tendencies  blueconfused.gif

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Guest Gemmill

You sound like you know how to have a good time, Vic.  Why don't you invite that lass you were hounding to your robotics lecture? :lol:

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Guest Invicta_Toon

You sound like you know how to have a good time, Vic.  Why don't you invite that lass you were hounding to your robotics lecture? :lol:


it would be over her pretty little head tbh.  bluelaugh.gif

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I have a feeling that the greatest interaction/effect between humans and robots in the near future will be with those micro-bots that they are already developing to work inside our bodies. I think they are looking at using them to clean out arteries of fat deposits and stuff to begin with and perhaps in the future, repair minor damage to organs etc...


There will perhaps come a time when these micromachines are self-repairing and perhaps give daily reports to what is actually going on inside your body. iirc they are big on this at CalTech. Ultimately they will probably be injected into you at birth. One day these things will be 'intelligent' and perhaps somewhere within their sub-routines mimick behaviourisms etc..

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