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New Prodigy


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My all time favourite band. I'm seeing them twice in December on their Carling Academy tour and then again in April on the album tour.


From Friday at 12 noon you can view the video to go with 'Invaders Must Die' from theprodigy.com or download an h.d. version from x-box live channel.


The new Prodigy album is called "Invaders Must Die" and is released through (The Prodigy's own label) Take Me To The Hospital and distributed by Cooking Vinyl on March the 2nd 2009.


It will be released in these formats: -

Double CD/DVD album

Digital Album

Double Vinyl

CD album

Luxury 7-inch Boxset

This luxury boxset contains:

- six 7-inch coloured vinyl singles featuring all the tracks on the album

- the CD/DVD version of the album

- exclusive Prodigy poster

- two exclusive stencils

- Prodigy sticker sheet

- bonus audio disc




'Invaders Must Die' track list: -


1. 'Invaders Must Die' (feat. James Rushent from Does It Offend You Yeah?)

2. 'Omen'

3. 'Thunder'

4. 'Colours'

5. 'Take Me To The Hospital'

6. 'Warrior's Dance'

7. 'Run With The Wolves' (feat. Dave Grohl)

8. 'Omen Reprise'

9. 'World's On Fire'

10. 'Piranha'

11. 'Stand Up'


The Prodigy - Worlds On Fire - Live @ V Festival 2008



The Prodigy - Warriors Dance - Live


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Download the track 'Invaders Must Die' at http://www.theprodigy.com/


Or stream it here http://www.myspace.com/theprodigy


Not bad! Hopefully it's a sign of a return to form (I don't really rate Always Outnumbered...).


I don't rate you.


Always Outnumbered (etc) was tip-top.


Alright, alright, we'll just have to agree to disagree. By that I meant more that in comparison to Fat of the Land and Jilted Generation, I just don't rate it as highly. Was average to me. Not sure if I prefer Experience over it, not heard either in ages if I'm to be honest.

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