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I've used U Torrent for a while now and never had any problems, until this morning.

I d/l a lot of tv programs that I miss when aired off a site called The Box. You have a share ratio which you have to stick too otherwise you get banned, so once I've d/l something I seed it for a while so I've shared as much as I've grabbed.

Just been on there this morning and d/l a couple of things from last night. Normally once a download has finished a little bubble comes up beside U Torrent on the tool bar telling me that it's complete so I just click x to close it and have to delete that torrent manually in the client.

This morning when I've clicked the x it has deleted 2 torrents. The 1st one I couldn't understand why it had done this so when the second item was complete I clicked the x and it did it again. The 3rd and final item has just finished so I chose not to close the little bubble and wait for it to close itself. After a few seconds it did and when I opened the client up that download had also gone.

Anyone know why it's doing this and how can I stop it ?

Thanks in advance

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