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Guest lankybellwipe

Your local evening news programmes will have around 23 minutes devoted to the relevant happenings in the borough, and about 2 minutes at the end, where a (usually lively) gap filler is needed, like last night, where a man from Newton Aycliffe decsribed how his 3 year old son phoned th'ambulance after he fell down the stairs and broke his leg! How did THAT work?


"Hello 999 emergency?!



"Daddy!......Thomas Tank!"

"I'm sorry son, is your Daddy there?"

"Yes, Daddy........ Thomas............. Iggle Piggle!"

"Er... ok son, can you tell me what has happened?"


"Oh, his leg! OK son, we'll a have a th'ambuloance there as soon as possile!"


Sorry, anyway, what gapfiller bollocks have they beamed into your sitting room lately?

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That one about the cockerel in that council estate and some old biddy complained it was waking her up pissed me off no end. Look North did about four reports on the progress of this cockerel.


I couldn't give a shit quite frankly. I'd rather just have an extended sports report or something.

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