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American soldier hits the Qu'ran and other stories.


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The American military doctrine is quite clear - when fired upon respond with superior fire power.  Every now and again they manage to hit something and this time it was a defenceless copy of the Qu'ran.  Cue the Iraqi's dancing in the streets, burning effigy's of Bush and demanding immediate withdrawal.


Anyone like to tell these fuckwits that humans are more important than books?


Mumbai, August 28:: A Muslim couple was arrested for allegedly burning a copy of their holy book in suburban Govandi area.


Mastan Shah and his wife Noor Bano Shah told the police that they were burning the book as it was very old and tattered and they did not want to throw it.


Angry neighbours who saw the holy book being burnt, assaulted Noor and Mastan. The couple’s house was also vandalised.



Finally thanks to Bill O'reilly of Fix News who's getting his panties in a knot over a rationalist sign placed next to the nativity in Washington District's offices.  Thanks Bill your rantings have drawn more attention to the cause than we could ever hope for.


There is no Heaven and there is no Hell. Religion poisons everyone.

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