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FIFA league (Xbox 360) NO: 292832 - League details in original post


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Details to join:


Name: NO Online League

Abrev: NOL


Ill pm all players the password


4 star teams only, pick whatever team you want, even if its already chosen, also feel free to change anytime before the tournament starts


Decky (Newcastle)

Nixon (Napoli)

Quagmire (Galatasary)

Grondal88 (Marseille)

ElDiablo (Newcastle)

DJ Baggiepants (Olympiacos)

Cocobananas (Benfica)

Mike (Udinese)

Golden Glory

Fugazi (Porto)

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How does the cup work? Say we get 2 more players, which we should do. Can we have 2 groups of 4, where the top 2 in each go into the semis?


Should just set a league up, play each other once and whoever wins, wins.


DJ Baggiepants is going to be Olympiacos.

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I really want in on this, but..I mean. We all know how my participation ends. The thought of spending a rainy Friday afternoon cursing at Englishmen is a bit off putting.


What team do you want to be? :razz:


:lol: It doesn't matter. I'll hold up the table with fucking Argentina.

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You sure about a league? Its quarenteed to not finish as someone wont play their games.


Limit the teams to 10 or something, 4 minute halfs.


And have the deadline for the league to finish tonight, take like 2-3 hours to play it all.

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