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The little things in life


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Knocking up something to eat with random ingredients from the fridge and it turning out to be delicious.


Often have odd peppers and mushrooms left over which often can form the basis for a decent mash-up meal. :milner:

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When the internet solves a mystery. :aww:


An unidentified dead bloke known as Grateful Doe who was killed in a car accident in 1995 has finally been identified, thanks to someone posting his reconstruction/details online and sharing the fuck out of it until someone thought it might have been someone he knew years ago. Then there was more sharing of the pictures of the potential match until his family were traced, and DNA tests have now confirmed the ID.

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Getting back to a hobby you've neglected for years.


Recently downloaded the iMascine app on my iPhone. I had a MPC 2000 about six or seven years ago and tried making some beats. I wasn't any good at it and gave it up. I downloaded the app last week and have been having a lot of fun with it. They're not good beats or anything but it's fun creating stuff on there. Also listening to old jazz and funk for samples and loops has been really refreshing.

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Shaving with proper wet shaving stuff, safety razors and blades and soap and what have you. Takes a bit longer, feels amazing :aww:


So very smooth :megusta: after a decade of scruffy beard, it's a most pleasant change :)

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My 14 month old son has decided he likes Katie Perry, so we have her music videos playing in the living room quite a lot.




I remember the day the boy came home from school and declared that he liked One Direction.


"OH! One Direction! I love them!


"no, you don't"


"Yes I do!"


"No you don't. You like the Stone Roses (midds) and Queen (me)


"Well yes I do, but I like One Direction now"


"Sing me a One Direction song..."


"Erm............. "na na na ... makes you beautiful?"


"Have you been listening to the girls at school?"


"Hmmm... maybe. Hannah has got a One Direction lunchbox"


"Lovely. Let's put some Oasis on....."

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