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OutRun Online coming to XBLA and PSN


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SEGA has announced that a Sumo Digital-developed OutRun game is on its way to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in "early 2009".


OutRun Online Arcade invites you to "rediscover the 15 glorious OutRun courses" in ten licensed Ferraris, while the initial screenshots and trailer point to a game very similar to, if not entirely based upon Sumo's previous work with the series on Xbox, PS2, PC and PSP, with elements like slipstream visible.


In addition to a single-player mode, there's also Time Attack and Heart Attack, where you gather hearts by satisfying quickie objectives like "Don't crash!" and "Go through the gate!", and elsewhere there's online multiplayer for six people.


SEGA has said this will support voice chat, and there will also be Achievements on Xbox Live Arcade, obviously, and Trophies for PSN - after Sony mandated that all games submitted to certification in 2009 support them.


OutRun, of course, is a brilliant racing game where you send Ferraris sideways through corners, and the handling is so abstract it's been compared to Scalextric and Audiosurf. It's also very bright and happy, with amazing music. Yay!


Yay indeed. :)


We'll have to get this going fellas.

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I've never played Outrun but i saw the video for it the other day and it doesn't even look like a racing game, just looks like a who can slide unrealistically round the corners game.


More like a nostalgia driven game than a decent one.


Do yourselfs a favour and spend £2-3 more on Midnight Club: LA from play-asia.com :razz:

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