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Xp startup boot looping

Unlucky Luque

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Please help me someone, I think my pc might die, if it hasn't alerady.


It suddenly froze when i was playing FM (just beat Gainsborough 4-2, I'm Blyth if anyone cares). So after it froze, I had no other option than to turn of the computer with the power button.


I then turned it back on, but now it's boot looping. When it comes to the loading XP screen, it stops and goes back to the beggining and goes on like this forever.


I really hope I don't have to lose everything on it, so does anyone know what to do?




Starting from safe mode and the other f8 options have the same result. The xp screen shows up, a ble screen flashes and the entire system starts over.

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You could have a go with recovery console. Sometimes just chkdsk /f will fix the problem no bother




You can repair it with the Windows disk, 'repair win xp installation' option on the disk but it's hit and missy if you'll lose your stuff.


If it's blue screening it might be hardware or heat issue

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