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Old Film - Anyone know its name?

Guest shearer_united

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Guest shearer_united

I was wondering if anyone knows the name of this film.. might have been filmed between 1980 to 1998.. I don't remember much of it but I remember several songs in the movie..


One was:

"Daddy don't go to the supermarket today"

The other was:

"S.O.S. Computer's gone crazy"


It was about robots taking over the world (if i remember correctly),

I really want to see it again  :lol:


Any help much appreciated,

Thank you

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If you got one of the song titles slightly wrong..


I remember watching a bunch of songs on video sold by a Church-affiliated charity in London, it was entitled S.O.S.


One of the songs was called "Kathy Don't Go To The Supermarket", and a bunch of people were telling "Kathy" not to go to the supermarket (obviously) because it was controlled by the anti-Christ. The song after it was called "Watch Out for 666", and they showed this guy in a black suit stamping barcodes on people's foreheads in supermarket aisles.


That was one classy video. I loaned it to an acquaintance years ago and it was never returned.





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