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AIDS skeptic dies at 52 of...


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Until the end, Christine Maggiore remained defiant.


On national television and in a blistering book, she denounced research showing that HIV causes AIDS. She refused to take medications to treat her own virus. She gave birth to two children and breast-fed them, denying any risk to their health. And when her 3-year-old child, Eliza Jane, died of what the coroner determined to be AIDS-related pneumonia, she protested the findings and sued the county.


What a fucking knacker :doh:


The article is just one long facepalm, shows how absolutely wilfully ignorant people can be of what is right in front of them when they get a conspiracy theory stuck in their head.  I wonder how many other people's deaths this woman has been responsible for by telling people to stop taking their AIDS medications and eat organic fruit instead  :rolleyes:  And of course seeing as AIDS isnt caused by HIV, there's no real need to tell partners that you have it  :nope:

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