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Fancy being a games reviewer?


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Just noticed this on the 360 dashboard.


ready-up.net are recruiting people to write for their website and i've noticed we have a few talented writers on the forum that might want to apply for it, it says you get to attend events and meet industry insiders.


Also says it's unpaid but i assume you'll get free games in the post to review.


Ready Up is a gaming website staffed by industry professionals and passionate amateurs each bringing different skills like photography, writing, web design and of course professional gaming to the site, our content and media. With daily updates to the website’s blog and review pages Ready Up’s large staff work closely together to produce fresh, topical content with a personal slant and with passionate style. With a policy of maintaining roughly equal numbers of female and male staff, Ready Up provides the broadest range of experience you’ll find in the industry utilising the experience of clan leaders, professional competitive gamers, award winning videogame journalists, games programmers and even the UK’s Frag Dolls. In Britain, Ready Up is one of few gaming media websites covering gaming events such as tournaments, conferences and game launch events - all filmed in High Definition video. Recent projects include a mini documentary on Video Games Live, the live gaming music concert, screened at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival over three days. Ready Up video features also make regular appearances on Official Xbox 360 Magazine’s cover disk. Currently Ready Up is producing several videos of industry lectures and panels for Channel 4. For more information visit www.ready-up.net.


You can apply here - http://ready-up.net/2009/01/05/apply-to-be-a-staff-writer-for-ready-up/



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