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Dakar Rally


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Doing it in a car is one thing but on a bike is truely something.


I did see that series on DVD by Charlie Boorman (Obi-Wans mate, you know from the long way round & down?) called 'Race to Dakar' that he did back in 2006.


What an epic mental race that is. Multiple people die on it every year and he had to quit after breaking both his hands.


He had to ride about a couple hundred k's with broken hands. Ouch!



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Dakar Rally claims life

French motorcyclist Pascal Terry, who was participating for the first time at competition, has been found dead during the race in Argentina. Police are investigating the death.

Dakar Rally organizers informed French motorcyclist Pascal Terry had gone missing Sunday during the second stage of the race, between Santa Rosa and Puerto Madryn


Terry was found in an area of dense vegetation, about 15 meters from his motorcycle, without his helmet and with food and water beside him.


An autopsy will be carried on the Yamaha motorcyclist. Pascal Gilbert shared team with Terry.


This is the first life claimed in this edition of the Dakar Rally, led by Carlos Sainz, in cars, and Marc Como, in motorcycles and which enters into the 5th stage Wednesday, between Neuquen and San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.


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