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Paul Ross Canvas Print


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Amazon.co.uk Sales Rank: 50,574    :kasper:


WTF!?!?!? thats got to be a wind up surely, them reviews are ridiculous!  :laugh:


Just saw him incidentally on that come dine with me celebrity special!


What a c***!!, and I dont mean Abi Titmus or Rodney Marsh.

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Guest lankybellwipe

I know I can be a bit of an idiot at times, but I can definately say I am not a complete berk, and a twat!


I would like to visit the homes of these reviewers, and see what other tat they have adorning their walls! Jeeesus fuckin H Christ man!


Who's on the other walls? Janet Street Porter? The rest of the 50 worst blah blah blah gang - his brother!


Are those reviews a marketing coup or what?

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Since making this purchase at Sotherby's for £150000 my life has fallen gradually into a well of the deepest loneliness, self doubt and depression.


There are many great works of portraiture which can make the speculative claim that "The eyes follow you around the room" but this (admittedly beautiful) piece of work goes one step further. Paul Ross' portrait will actually follow you out of the room, out of the house and down the road. He will in fact follow you everywhere you go.


This has proven a major problem in both my personal and professional life.


My wife, unable to focus on lovemaking with Ross hovering nearby, has left me. For Paul Ross.


While trying to finalise a deal worth over £25000000 to my company, my would-be client became mesmerised by the image of Ross and wandered out of the meeting in a daze muttering something about "The gaze, must change my mind...". My boss explained that I would have been made a partner had I succeeded. Instead I have been fired. They have now finalised the deal with a new company. Set up by Paul Ross.


Unable to keep up the mortgage repayments I have lost my house. Who lives there now? I think you can guess.


I am destitute, alone, cold and using my last pound in an internet cafe to tap out this impassioned warning, with Ross still at my side and even now causing consternation toward me among the other patrons of this establishment.


Do not buy this print unless you want to end up like me, with a 20 inch canvas print of Paul Ross being your only possession in the entire world!


:lol: :lol: :lol:

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One for Gemmill's bedroom wall...




But it gets better...for Su Pollard fans (i.e. it's happy days for James)








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