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The 'Can You Break Your Nose and Not Realise?' Thread

Colos Short and Curlies

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Been hit in the face by a football more times than I can remember, play in goal with the mantra that it doesn't matter what part of you body you save it with. Also been butted a couple of times when playing at the back.


Anywho, never had a nose bleed or felt at the time that I had broken the nose but....


I can push it 90 degrees against my face (the bulbous bit - not the bridge)

It often goes deep red/purple down the sides of the bridge and under the eyes

It clicks something chronic when I apply a bit of pressure to it and move it side to side (like when you give it a quick wipe.


Sitting bored in a hotel and when I flick it from side to side it don't half look like the bone is snapped in to (think David Buust/That UFC fighter gif).


As I say, never actually felt at the time of impact that it might be broken, but it sure as hell acts like it is sometimes!  :idiot2:

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Isnt the nose a big bit of cartilage, you may have ruptured this,...mind i work with upvc, your better off asking a doctor,.. i could stick a stainless steel screw in it for you tho, would keep it straight.

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