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What a legend - who says court is boring?

The Prophet

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A drunken judge was escorted from court after she forcibly kissed a solicitor and swore at a prosecutor, a tribunal heard yesterday.


Esther Cunningham, 54, "fortified" herself with brandy before appearing as a solicitor for a cousin.


She refused to sit, interrupted as magistrates gave a ruling, told an usher to "f*** off" and referred to a prosecuting lawyer as "a f***wit".


Cunningham later claimed she had been taking migraine drugs and suffered from an illness that made her breath smell of drink. But six months later she was drunk when teaching students, the Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal heard in London.


The deputy district judge now accepted she had a drink problem, the tribunal heard. Her solicitor said she was "ashamed and apologetic".


Cunningham, of Grantham, Lincs, admitted misconduct.


She was suspended for six months and must pay £6,200 costs.




Absolute gerld

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Guest Heneage

We went to court for our course before Christmas, we all went into different court rooms, and one of the cases involved a bloke with an axe, half way through he made a bolt for the window, apparently all the judges hit the door and just left our lot in the room alone. :lol:

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