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"No Audio Output Device is installed"


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I think this is the 2nd time my laptop's said this.


Sound was working fine last night, and now all of a sudden it's apparently not.


Are my sound drivers fooked? Does anyone know why specifically overnight my sound has decided to bugger up?



I did a system restore last time and I think it did the trick, but I'm interested to see if anyone else has had this problem, and what they think the causes might be?


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Can you switch it off in the BIOS?


Sometimes the BIOS can do silly things.


Would say you need to go in to device manager, see if sound is working properly, if not click on it and reinstall, the drivers should be about on the computer somewhere, if not it can search the net.


You know what sound controller you have?

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I've done a system rstore to get it working again.


I'm going to search for some drivers later, I can only assume they're the problem.


I'm not sure what my sound controller is, nope, I guess I really ought to!


Cheers for the advice TT  :thup:





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