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The hardcore good guys


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"2. Wolja, isaiah, necropyre u ask politely why no evils? well two reasons really one is playability and one is a moral stance. 1)as everyone is pretty weak powerwise on core rules and there are not many of us we wanted to start all in same zone GFd which would not be possible if some ppl were evils as theyd be KOS and Cb would be faction loss for them. 2)Also the we believe in the ethics of epic fanatsy RPG, that we are the good guys and the enemies are evil. We believe in truth, integrity, honour, law and order and justice. these are our goals and morals. we would consider evil characters 'unethical' and question the motives of those who would wish to play evils, a concept which has never interested us in over a decade. We are the good guys who strive to combat injustice, chaos, and criminality, not be a part of it. I understand fully people may wish to play evils coz they are cool or they like them or they want to be a necro or sk etc, but we do not share these feelings in the slightest."



WHy i have the feeling these folk are all mormons?



"we believe in the ethics of epic fanatsy RPG"




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