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OEM Operating Systems

Guest Open_C

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It's fine for what you want to do.



Difference between oem and retail are warranty and you will have trouble if you change some hardware (especially motherboard)


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Yeah. When you register it, it takes a snapshot of your system hardware, change too many components and it questions it on update.


Look at it this way, they wouldn't sell oem os in a shop if they were just limited to third party suppliers. Home premium is what you want though.

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It's bollocks.


check out the reviews on amazon for example for oem:



Right, where to start!

So you're thinking about getting Vista and don't want to pay the full amount for the retail version? This OEM edition is ideal then; it is the same as the retail version without the packaging. The only restriction is that once installed, the software has to stay with that motherboard. So effectively, if your motherboard dies, so does your copy of Vista. But don't see that as a negative, Vista dying on you will mean you have to revert back to your XP copy, which is good news!




Parts of that are rubbish as well because it can be re-activated but it involves a phone call. Your oem will be fine

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