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Vannakkam: Or how N-O came to love the war in Sri Lanka


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Following the mass debate over the Gaza situation, I'm doing my part to spread the knowledge of a very similar situation which has gone on in Sri Lanka where (I'm convinced) Sri Lanka took Israel's actions as a cue to launch their own offensive against the Tamil Tigers and their regions.


In a single day, 300 civilians, many of them children and entire families, were killed as the Sri Lankan government bombed and raided safe-zones -- the only places where civilians could stay as fighting raged on around them.


I've been inundated by requests from my Tamil friends, co-workers and humanitarians to spread the info.


In a very untidy nutshell, the war has raged due to the British joining two very different people and regions for administrative reasons, and handing the power to one of them, knowing full well the repurcussions of this as a typically sweet post-independence goodbye.


The recent events have been labelled as a humanitarian catastrophe by the Red Cross.












Some guy burned himself, buddhist-monk style. His suicide letter's pretty interesting:




... etc.


In case people were wondering, 'Vannakam' means welcome in Tamil.  :coolsmiley:


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I know very little on this, but there are some similarities between Palestine and this. Most of these issues come from the flawed thinking that drawing a line of a mpa (or in this case the lack of it), will solve the problem. I am not sure whether the tamil people have any representation in the Sri Lanakan govt. Unfortunatley it seems that might has equalled right in this case, a situation that is looking more and more likely for Palestine. The bigger issue is that many states are unwilling to look in to these situations due to the impact it would have on there own politics.


Its a disgrace that the news channels in this country devote their headlines to the fucking snow, when shit like this is going on in the world.

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Absolutely. There are so many parallels in Sri Lanka with the Israel-Palestine situation it's unreal.


Two extremely different people were forced to unite due to administrative reasons by the departing British, who handed the power solely to one of them. Of course, it's a little more complex than that, as the Tamils were not *from the land* but were brought in as labourers from India.


Here's a brief history:




Terrible video, I know, but one can always google or Wiki the historic details.



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I am always very saddened by independence yearning ethnic being oppressed by another ethnicity.


My symphathy extends to the Irish Republicans.


Unfortunately I am too powerless to do anything to help.

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One last bump, if anyone cares:










This is by far one of the most under-covered topics in Western media, and it's shocking these things are allowed to happen. The Sri Lankan govt has been given a free pass to do whatever the fuck they want. Their censorship and media ban are Stalin-tastic.


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