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Xbox 360 Account Phishing Scam


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Just a little warning to people... not that i think anyone would be fooled into doing it but may aswell warn anyway :)


Yesterday i got the message of some random guy i'd last played saying


Hey guys, check out this free microsoft points site! I got myself 2000 points free OMG! www.xxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx.tk


Anyway i know most of you would just ignore it but i admit i did go to the site being fooled for second  :blush: luckily my pop-up blocker and high security warned me and gave me a minute to put my brain into action :lol:


Anyhoo it takes you to a site that looks very similar to Xbox.com and asks you to log in, but it doesn't and all you are giving them is your address and password so they can steal your account, change the password and drain your credit card of all it's money and buy themselves points.


They also use your account to send the message to your friends list and anyone else they can, so it's easy to see why some people can be fooled into it.



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