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Explain your Username .

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Hello, just wondering what peoples user names actually mean , if they have any cultural or personal meaning to them. Just really starting this as i just looked at Toonlass' new username Belfescu (sp?) and didnt have a clue what it meant.


Mines quiet obvious , i am born and raised and still live in the Ward of Fenham which is just up the road from SJP for all you non-Novocastrians.



So come on tell me about yours.

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was centre paddock, 82, cos thats where i had my season ticket when Keegan played for us.


changed to cp40...my age cos people were thinking i was born in 82,....and it looked a bit like c3po s brother.( Im actually northern Gimps Brother)

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Burger Nips


Nips backwards is Spin


Stuck an S on as they are plural.




Seriously? I assumed it was a MeatSpin reference.


I just googled that. LOL. Oh dear. MY EYES!


No. It was because every time i got drunk I took my top off, therefore getting out my manboobs, and my "burger nips", which, eventually lead down to spins which is what my housemates call me. :)

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