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House of the dead: Overkill (Wii)

Guest Lazlo

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Anyone got this yet ?


Absolute class. It's a totally different engine/game to hotd 2&3, even if you didn't like those games this is so much different. The dialogue between the characters is colourful to say the least, this is definitely an adult themed game.


Some of the bosses are genuinely disturbing. You can blow the zombies heads off, upgrade and swap your weapons, as well as their being shootable power ups and collectables along the way. The environments and story are excellent, it's like grindhouse meets resident evil.


If you like your light gun games, this is the best i've played. Better than ghost squad, resi umbrella and hotd 2&3 by a long shot. Well worth an invest. Its an 18 cert for good reason.


Tbh, this is the best game i've played on the wii for a good while. It's titles like this that the wii is crying out for.

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Aye, it works fine with all the shooters. I've got this other one which i got cheap but the nyko is the best i've used. I hear good things about the hand cannon but it was an unnecessary expense. It looks a bit too clunky for me.

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