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Any graphic designers on here?


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Doing some work atm, have to design a brand for the student formula racing team. ive to design a logo, artwork for the car and van plus ive to create a website, all have to be criticised by people so I can improve them. Ive my logos done and ive stuck them on some graphic designs forums but if there are some designers on here then I may aswell put them up here too. Let me know if there are any of you out there.

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Experimenting with names of fast animals and birds, going along with Swifts for now:




Very early stages, meeting my group tomorrow to develop our ideas. Any ideas yourselves on improvements?


Also if it helps im using Freehand, have Illustrator and Photoshop aswell for any improvement ideas.

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Changed it again, tutor told me it sounded more like a hockey team :lol: The University is called The University of Ulster and im based at Jordanstown. So ive been told the team name should refer to that in someway. Unversity colour scheme is blue and green, im thinking now of UUJags should for UUJ Jaguars. Here are some ideas ive created:


Used this image for tracing:






Im thinking about taking one of these ones:




Thoughts and tips appreciated :)


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