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Sir Allen Stamford - on the run

Rob W

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Looks like he has serious problems


The SEC, the Feds and the FSA are looking for him


but there are some other people -  "investors"apparently - who are also keen to find him BEFORE he starts to tell all  :knuppel2: :knuppel2: :knuppel2:


Sounds like very people will have lost money as what he was doing was laundering hot cash from teh Caribeean and S America

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If anyone's interested in how a slimy weasel from Texas managed to wring $8.5billion from the wealthiest of the wealthy in the Caribbean and across the globe, here's the man who uncovered all this mess by simply bothering to look at the facts: Alex Dalmady, a Venezuelan financial analyst.




His original article of 'Duck Tales' is absolutely astonishing. You gotto give it to these people though, the Stanfords of the world, they know how to make you look the other way.

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