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Birthday wishes from Kevin Keegan


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Happy birthday Tooj!  :thup:








Special mention to AfroP as well for his mother choosing Tooj's birthday to bring him out of her body.  O0

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What a picture.  :smitten:


Thanks all and merry birthday to AfroP as well. Canny sharing your birthday with a fellow stoner.  O0


Got some canny things actually (even though I thought I was too old for presents)


Wor lass got me a Bukowski book, a guitar, Planet Earth on Blu-Ray and paid for me to go to Amsterdam the other day. All in all very well done. :)


Shame the match will spoil it. :(

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Guest lankybellwipe

Wish I was 24 again Tooj. You lucky, lucky bastard! Damn you to hell, and while i'm on a rant - FUCK YEE!



Happy birthday chaps!  :lol:

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